SwiftWand Safety Baton & Multi-function Flashlight

Reliable crowd control and traffic management solution



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SwiftWand Safety Baton

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Ideal for traffic safety, security, crowd control, law enforcement, and construction, the SwiftWand Safety Baton is lightweight, durable, and water resistant. 

With various illumination patterns and an audible whistle, this versatile, multi-use device is ideal for:

Advanced Functions
User friendly controls have sealed buttons that operate the multi-functional LED baton and audible whistle, offering up to 4 different modes of operation:
            Button 1: red / white LED - patterns include; flash (shift from high/low light, alternate strobe) flash light
            Button 2: audible whistle

The ultra-bright red & white LEDs can either light continuously or in a strobe pattern (whilst alternating between red & white). The tip of the wand is used as a flashlight, and a reflective film covers the baton making for a complete safety solution during night time applications.  

The textured grip handle, contains a built-in rechargeable battery which is charged by the accompanying AC charger adapter, providing >10 hours of run time.

Easy Storage
The SwiftWand includes a belt clip and wrist strap for ease of handling, whilst the  base of the handle also contains a magnet, enabling the instrument to be secured atop a vehicle or other metallic surface. 

Instrument Features

Technical Specifications

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For further information please download the SwiftWand Baton brochure