SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test

Narrowband Radar Technology for traffic control and law enforcement solutions


$660.00 inc. GST (AUD)

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SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test

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Safety Solutions


SpeediGuard is a smart mobile electronic police-grade radar system, which is a new generation of intelligent transporation vehicle management system.

It adopts narrowband radar speed test technology, HD image processing, and embedded system control technology, and is comprised of a speed test radar, camera, system control, flash, power supply and other installation accessories. 

It can be directly placed on the roadside either mounted on a tripod, or exsiting pole or mast, providing 24-hour monitoring.

One Year Warranty
The SpeediGuard  radar includes a 12 month warranty period.

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For further information please download the SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test brochure

$660.00 inc. GST (AUD)