SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test

Narrowband Radar Technology for traffic control and law enforcement solutions



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SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test

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SpeediGuard is a smart mobile electronic police-grade radar system, which is a new generation of intelligent transporation vehicle management system.

It adopts narrowband radar speed test technology, HD image processing, and embedded system control technology, and is comprised of a speed test radar, camera, system control, flash, power supply and other installation accessories. 

It can be directly placed on the roadside either mounted on a tripod, or exsiting pole or mast, providing 24-hour monitoring.

• Extensive Detection range
• 200 megapixel camera
• High speed image processor
• 32GB high speed storage


System Functions

The system can detect the speed of passing vehicles automatically and pre-set the speed limit value (can be set by police). When a certain vehicle exceeds the limit value, the corresponding vehicle will be captured automatically as evidence. The time, speeding values, site, license plate number, proportion of speeding and other factors will show on the captured images:
Vehicle capture rate: ≥96%
Picture efficiency: ≥ over 95%

Rapid Browsing
The operator can obtain offending vehicle information instantly for on-site situations.

Export Pictures
Insert flash disk or portable hard disk to the system and it will automatically export all the captured images. You can also manually select pictures of specific date or time and export to flash disk.

Automatically Control
Once the system turns on, it will start automatic capture mode. It will select the best capture location and adjust camera parameter automatically (without human intervention). Assistant exposure light will switch on when needed. When there is enough light, the exposure light will automatically switch off.
The system can be operated for 24 hours and it can meet the requirement for different time periods.

Technical Features
• The system uses the most advanced Narrowband radar to capture the speed of the vehicle. Radiation from the device is minimal which ensures the system meets the environmental standard.
• The System uses embedded system, Linux operating system. Small in size, fast processing speed, low power consumption, stable and reliable system operation.
• HD CCD Camera, Professional Image processor, image resolution: 1600*1200
• Automatic: After setting up the system, it will work automatically. It can capture speeding vehicles in a best capture location, continuous capture under high speed traffic. It can auto adjust the camera’s shutter, aperture and gain according to the environment.
• Each offending vehicle has at least 2-3 pictures as evidence.
• Uses night-light system to achieve quality night shooting (Face legible).
• Low power consumption, long working hours with built-in 15Ah lithium battery. It can last for more than 12 hours.
• Highly integrated, simple installation


System Functions


Key Features


One Year Warranty
The SpeediGuard  radar includes a 12 month warranty period.

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For further information please download the SpeediGuard Radar Speed Test brochure