ALCORapid® Alcohol Screening Analyser

Rapid results for zero-tolerance environments.


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Suitable for zero-tolerance environments, the ALCORapid® utilises a rapid, non-contact (passive) method of detecting the presence of Ethyl Alcohol from a valid breath sample.

Advanced Features
The ALCORapid® has been designed with simplicity in mind, providing qualitative results for use across a broad range of environments including industry, corrections and security, education and events.

The following features are included:

Ease of use: with only 3 function buttons (TORCH, BATON & TEST), the ALCORapid® requires minimal training 
Fast, accurate results: having a high specificity to alcohol, the fuel cell is not influenced by acetone or other breath substances. The long term-stability of the sensor means you can count on accurate results year after year*.
Easy to read display: the subject’s alcohol level is shown on a 1.29” single OLED colour display
No Mouthpieces: with no physical contact required between the subject and the ALCORapid® instrument, ongoing costs of mouthpiece consumables is not a factor. This ensures that the cost per test is very low
Dual-mode measurement: the ALCORapid® has two possible modes of measurement, depending on the requirements of the breath test: 
        Active:   subject blows into the cone, a sample breath is then taken automatically for analysis
       Passive: operator presses a button to draw breath from in front of the subject’s face, but otherwise without his or her co-operation

Australian Standards AS 3547-1997 Certified​ 
The ALCORapid® is a complete preliminary alcohol testing solution for zero-tolerance environments, and holds a valid Product Certification Schedule for compliance with AS 3547-1997. 

Torch function : 3 modes of operation; standard, extra bright & strobe
Luminous Baton function : LED baton (solid or strobe illumination), ideal for trafiic control situations

One Year Warranty
A 12 month warranty period is valid on the ALCORapid® product.


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For further information please download the ALCORapid® product brochure 

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$895.00 ex-GST (AUD)